"Be @ Peace" Project

What does it mean to “Be @ Peace”?

A geo-political definition of peace would simply be “not currently at war”.  In fact wars end with “peace talks” or a “peace accord”.  One day two nations are trying to wipe each other from the face of the earth and the next day they are at peace.  Is that what Jesus had in mind when you asked us to “be @ peace”.

Paul wrote, “As much as it depends upon you be at peace with all people.”

What is Jesus’ concept of shalom (peace).  Is it defined by the least common denominator like “not at war”.  What do you think?  What do you think this guy thinks?

We are currently exploring this concept of being @ peace.  What does it look like to radically initiate reconciliation with others in our lives:  friends, family members, former mentors, co-workers, religious leaders, etc. (both “healthy” relationships and estranged relationships.)  We are exploring it as a family.  We are exploring it in the Dojo.

What would it look like to not co-exist with the people in our lives?  What would it look like to not just “put out fires” but strive for shalom?  How could we actually seek the unspoken shadows that exist in every relationship?

That is why we created the “Be @ Peace ” project.  Intentional relational exploration.

Risk Relationally.  Ask openly.  Practice understanding.  Repent.


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