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Women Leaders: The NBA and the Church

Anybody who knows me knows that I am an unapologetic Portland Trailblazers fan.  To that end, I am a regular reader of NBA news across the internet (in related news, if you ever had an extra ticket to a Blazer game and you want an enthusiastic companion, give me a call.) Today, as I do […]

In Memoriam: Richard Twiss

In Memoriam: Richard Twiss (Note: this was originally written with and for my Parish Collective family.) On Wednesday afternoon, February 6th, in the Washington Hilton Lobby, I snuck up behind Uncle Richard and, as is our tradition, I planted a wet kiss in the soft center of his left cheek.  He turned and burst into […]

God as a “Fairy Tale”? Your input requested…

As a boy I was first introduced to God as a fairy tale. I don’t think anyone intentionally intended to do so, but they couldn’t help themselves. And I can hardly blame them. God was presented as one amongst a whole pantheon of supernatural personalities: Moses, Superman, the Lorax, Santa… Aslan. You can see that […]

Weed-Eater of the Soul

I was working in my yard this weekend. I gave up my gas mower some time ago. Did you know that a gas lawn mower puts out like four times as much pollution as a car? Yikes! My weed-eater though… I have not been able to give it up. I can’t explain it. Maybe it […]