New Podcast: "Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast"

My occasional friend, Wes Cauthers, suggested that he and I attempt a podcast. Podcast might even me a misnomer. We are going to try and get to know each other better and all the while hit the record-button while we do it.

Wes and I met over a decade ago, and we have bumped into each other several times over the years, but we have never been around each other enough to say that we know each other very well at all. So we are inviting you to get to know us as we get to know eachcyoa008n other.

The podcast is called “Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast”.  It is a nod to some of our favorite childhood books and also a playful format.  Our goal is to take unexpected turns of topic through each episode to keep the conversation hopping.

Please check out our first episode.  You will hear about awkward high school faith moments, loss of belief, religious ponzi schemes, “cults” and belief rediscovery.

Listen here:

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