Yale Asks Me, “Why are Good Things Happening in America’s Most Secular City”

IMG_0778Recently the Yale Center for Faith and Culture invited me to campus to discuss secularism and the Jesus-Way.  I had a chance to share the stage with thoughtful secularists like Tom Krattenmaker (author of The Evangelicals You Don’t Know) and Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist). There were many thrilling conversations and the experience as a whole was something I will never forget.

During one event, the moderator (Dr. Matthew Croasmun, pictured above behind Tom Krattenmaker) asked me to explain the unique experience of the Christian church in Portland, Oregon, a city that some are calling America’s first secular city.  To put it another way…

Could secularism actually be a gift to the Christian church?

That question and my answer are found at the 28:47 spot of this video. Click here to jump to that spot: https://youtu.be/ACJk9ZSGomk?t=28m47s

To watch the entire 90 minute event, including Chris Stedman’s opening remarks, press play below.


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