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7 Ways Christians Lie

Once everyone is settled in, they realize that this is not going to be a typical evangelism seminar. I ask the room a question, “How do we Christians lie … How do we lie when evangelizing?”

High Praise from Leadership Journal

As you may or may not know, I have been offering a monthly column to Leadership Journal’s online magazine. Two of those articles received special end of the year honors: “You’ve Done It Unto Me” appeared on two editorial “best of the year” lists for all Leadership Journal content. And a personal favorite, “Gay Marriage […]

Why I am Not a Universalist

I recently gave an interview where I was asked to plainly state what I believe. Among other things (trinitarian, Jesus followin’, Bible lovin’) I said that I am not a Universalist. Following the interview, Andrew asked me to clarify what I meant. He believed that my confidence that any person could be God’s voice to […]

NOW AVAILABLE- Neighbors and Wise Men

I am totally amped that my new book is already available at a reduced pre-order price.  If you have not gotten a chance to, please check it out:, Barnes & Noble and Here is one comment I received just today from someone who read an Early Reader Copy of the book: “Neighbors and Wise Men is the […]

Questions: Telling my Spiritual Stories

Telling my spiritual stories… For each of the following Gospel questions think through your personal story as tohowyoudiscovered its reality.  In other words, what is the story (process your wounds as well as the epiphanies) of how God convinced you of each conclusion’s validity in the tangible, sweaty, nitty-gritty of life.  (note: you may not […]

Life of Faith in Post-Christian Culture

Here is an audio link from a lecture I recently gave on communicating and living within Post-Christian culture as a follower ofJesus. The thoughts here flow from my recent Doctoral studies on Post-Christian culture and our ever integrating life in Portland’s inner-Eastside.